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Embed Restream Chat Into OBS
Embed Restream Chat Into OBS

Learn how you can display on the screen all messages coming from your connected platforms with Restream Chat's embed option.

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Did you know that you can show your viewers the incoming messages from your platforms on your stream's feed with Restream Chat's embed option?

This tutorial will use OBS Studio, but any software supporting Browser Sources will work the same way!

How to embed Restream Chat on OBS

  1. Navigate to your Encoder page.

  2. Click Chat then Settings.

  3. Click Embed in stream. From this page, you can edit many functions of the embedded chat, like the theme, message alignment, size, opacity, and more.

  4. Once you've tuned the settings to your liking, click Copy next to the URL at the top. You can copy the embed code for:

    1. all of your supported platforms,

    2. only Twitch,

    3. or a specific Restream Event.

  5. From OBS Studio (or similar software), click the "+" under Sources and select Browser.

    Name the source something like "Restream Chat," and click OK.

    Delete the URL in the URL box in the pop-up window and paste the URL you copied on Restream, then click OK.

    Every time you change your Chat settings, select the Chat source and click refresh to get the updated look.

  6. You'll then see the chat on top of your stream in the OBS Preview window. You can adjust the size like you would with any other OBS source.

Looking for a more advanced configuration? From this same section, you can also do CSS editing.


The Embed chat link can be copied for a specific event. A separate link will be generated for a chosen event. Messages for this event only will be broadcast to this embedded chat.

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