You can show your viewers the chat coming from all platforms on stream with the Restream Chat's Embed option. This tutorial will use OBS Studio, but any software that supports Browser Sources will work mostly the same! 

To begin, you'll need to launch Restream Chat by going to and clicking Launch. 

Launch Restream Chat app

Click Settings at the bottom left of the screen in your Restream Chat application or open the settings in your web version. 

Restream Chat settings button

The first option to appear is the embed section! From this page, you can edit many functions of the embed chat. You can change the theme, message direction, size, opacity, and more! 

Note: Every time you make a change on this page, the URL changes - it does not auto-update. 

Restream Chat settings page

Once you've tuned the settings to your liking, click Copy next to the URL at the top. 

Restream Chat embed

From OBS Studio (or similar software), click the + under Sources and click "Browser."

OBS Studio, Sources

Name the source something like "Restream Chat," and click OK

Source name

Click in the URL box and remove the current URL. Once the URL is gone paste the URL you copied earlier into the box, then click OK. 

Advanced Configuration: From this same section you can do CSS editing, this is only recommended for advanced users. We do have our guide on this here:

Advanced configuration

You'll then see the chat on top of your stream in the OBS Preview window. You can adjust the size like you would with any normal source.

OBS Preview window

You're all set! Enjoy!

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