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Connect your Discord server to Restream Chat
Connect your Discord server to Restream Chat

Relay comments between your Discord server and Restream Chat.

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Engage your Discord server's community with messages from your streaming platforms.

How to connect Discord to Restream Chat

  1. Open your Chat settings and click on the Discord tab.

  2. Click Connect Discord.

  3. Log in to your Discord account

  4. Use the Server menu to select the Discord server you want the Restream bot to join, then click Continue.

  5. Authorize Restream to connect to your Discord account.

  6. You'll return to your Chat settings where you can use the Discord Channels menu to choose which channels you want the Restream bot to be active in.


  • Your Discord server must be set to public in order to integrate with Restream.

  • The integration works both ways; Restream Chat messages will be shared into your Discord server, and messages from Discord will be relayed to your Restream Chat.

💡 Automatically share a pre-made message on your Discord server as soon as you begin streaming.

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