Restream Chat Discord Integration
Follow the steps in this guide to connect Discord to Restream Chat.
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Ever wanted to incorporate your Discord server with your stream? With the Restream Chat, you can easily connect a Discord server and select channels to be read by our chat.

  1. To start, open the Restream Chat settings from the bottom left. 

    Restream Chat Settings
  2. Click the menu button (☰) at the top left and click "Discord" from the list.

    Restream Chat Settings Discord
  3. Click "Connect Discord", and a new browser window will open.

    Restream Chat Connect Discord
  4. Log in to your Discord account if needed. If you're not shown the next step, click "Connect Discord" again now that you're logged in. 

    Use the "Server" drop-down to select the Discord Server you want the Restream bot to join, then click "Authorize." 

    Restream Bot Discord Server
  5. You will then be bought back to Restream Chat's settings. Using the "Discord Channels" drop-down, select the channels you want the Restream bot to listen on. 

Restream Chat Discord Channels

Restream Chat is now integrated with your Discord server and relevant channels! 

❗️Please note that Discord integration doesn’t support concurrent events. The discord connection will be turned off once concurrent streaming starts.

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