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Enable Accessibility on macOS for Restream Chat
Enable Accessibility on macOS for Restream Chat
Troubleshoot Restream Chat app if click through mode does not work. Follow the steps in this guide to using the app to its full potential.
Written by Paul Nguyen
Updated over a week ago

In order for you to use the Restream Chat to its full potential, like using the click-through mode, automatic chat updates, and settings on the macOS version, you will need to grant the chat additional permissions.

Whenever you enable the click through mode you will be asked to grant permissions and set the system preference for Restream chat (make sure to grant it on the first try).

Restream Chat Click Through Mode

If for some reason you have denied the permissions you can always set them manually.


1) Head to your System Preferences Security and Privacy

macOS Security & Privacy Settings

2) Choose "Accessibility" in the Privacy tab and set for Restream Chat the required preferences by ticking the box next to the application.Β 

macOS Privacy Accessibility

Tip: If your chat does not show up there for some reason, click on the "+" sign and add it manually.Β 

Now your chat has all the required permissions; enjoy using our application!Β 

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