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How to use the desktop app for Restream Chat
How to use the desktop app for Restream Chat

Install our desktop app and manage your comments in a separate window.

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Unify chats in one place and customize your interface with our desktop app.

Download and open the chat app on your device. Click the gear ⚙️ icon to access your Settings and discover a range of features to explore.

Customize your look

Under the Appearance tab, customize how you want chat messages to appear with choices like compact mode, show viewer counter, show avatars, and colorized author names.

You can also adjust the scale to make the chat messages smaller or larger, or modify the background opacity and message opacity to customize the look and readability of your chat interface.

Experiment with these choices and use the preview window to visualize the changes!

Appearance settings chat app

Overlay chat on your desktop

Under the Appearance tab, right below the preview window, you can enable Always on top to ensure that your chat remains visible on top of your screen during gameplay or viewing other content.

You may also turn on Click through mode if you want to click in the same region as the chat and not interact with it while streaming.


Under the Notifications tab, check the box for Enable desktop notifications if you want a desktop notificcation to appear when you receive new messages.

You can even have the messages read out to you by checking the box for Enable Text To Speech (TTS). Select your preferred voice and choose whether you want nicknames read aloud or not.


  • The chat app cannot be placed on top of full-screen applications. Please use "windowed-fullscreen" or "windowed-borderless" display mode instead of fullscreen.

  • If you have Click through mode enabled but need to interact with the chat app, hold down Control on Windows or Command on Mac.

  • Restream Chat uses TTS packages installed in your system. You can get TTS packages on the Microsoft website, or purchase more advanced packs from Nuance or other providers.


Why do I get an error when opening the app on my Mac?

The first time you open the chat app on your Mac, you may receive this error message:

"Restream Chat can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information."

To open the app and avoid the error appearing in the future, open Finder on your Mac and locate the chat app. Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu. Click Open.

You can read more in this guide.

How do I log in if I used my Google account to sign up for Restream?

The chat app will not recognize your Google password and you will need a Restream password to log in. To establish a Restream password, request to reset it on this page.

This way, you can have a Restream password for your account, however, you will still be able to log into Restream using your Google account.

Why isn't click-through mode working on my Mac?

This is likely due to your accessibility settings. Please see this guide for more details.

💡 Learn how to display chat messages directly on your stream.

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