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Learn how to add Instagram Live to Restream.

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Instagram has unlocked multistreaming from a desktop using Restream Studio, OBS, or any other streaming software.

How to connect to Instagram

  1. Make sure you have a Professional Instagram account.

  2. From Instagram on your desktop, click + Create, then Live video.

  3. Enter your video title and choose your audience. Practice will keep your stream private and Public will broadcast to all your followers.

  4. Copy your stream key.

  5. In a separate tab, go to Restream's home screen. Do not close the Instagram tab.

  6. Click Destinations, then Add Channels, and select Instagram.

  7. Enter your Instagram username and paste the stream key from Instagram.

  8. Click Add Channel.

  9. Your Instagram channel is set up - you just need to choose how you'll go live.

  10. A few seconds after you start streaming, you'll see a stream preview on Instagram.

  11. Click Go Live in the top right corner.

  12. To finish your live smoothly, stop the stream on Instagram before ending it on Restream.


  • Instagram currently limits live streams to one hour. Streams exceeding this time limit may automatically end on Instagram.

  • Once you see your preview on Instagram, you have up to 5 hours to click "Go live".

  • The stream key is not permanent. You'll need a new one for each new stream.

  • Always keep the Instagram Live Video tab open; otherwise, you won't be able to return to it, and the stream will end.

  • Ending the stream on Restream or your streaming software before Instagram can cause the live video to freeze for 4 minutes.

  • Recording on Instagram starts upon initiating the stream from Restream, even before selecting "Go Live" on Instagram. Keep this in mind to avoid unwanted portions in your archive.

  • For the most visually appealing stream, use Portrait Mode in Restream Studio, as it's the ideal format for mobile platforms like Instagram.

  • Instagram has the following recommended stream settings:

    Video Guidelines

    • Aspect ratio: 9x16 (recommended but not required)

    • Resolution: 720x1280 (recommended)

    • FPS: 30 (recommended), max 60. When using 60, the preview will display 30.

    • Video bitrate range: 2,250-6,000 Kbps

    Audio Guidelines

    • Sample rate: 44.1KHz

    • Channel layout: Stereo

    • Bitrate: max 256 Kbps


Will Instagram save my stream?

Yes, if you have live archiving enabled in your Instagram settings.

What if I stream in landscape mode?

When streaming from Restream Studio in Landscape Mode, we auto-transcode to keep your stream centered and avoid cropping edges.

However, if you stream in landscape mode from OBS, Zoom, or a scheduled pre-recorded video, Instagram will trim edges and display only the central portion. To prevent this, switch to Restream Studio or buy Transcoding hours to manually adjust your settings to a 9:16 ratio.

Does Instagram work with Restream Chat?

Not at this time. The "Comments" tab on the Instagram Live screen lets you read and reply to viewer comments, but these comments won't appear in Restream Chat.

Why can't I see my stream on Instagram?

If you try to view the live stream on your own Instagram profile while broadcasting, you will appear offline. To see what the stream looks like on Instagram, log into a different account and view your profile from there.

Can I add Instagram to a scheduled stream?

Yes, but unlike other channels, you will need to set up your stream on Instagram and update the stream key on Restream shortly before the event goes live. Then, after your event begins, you will need to click Go Live on Instagram.

💡 Studio's Portrait Mode is perfect for streaming to mobile platforms.

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