Note: You can stream from Zoom to Restream, not vice versa.

Zoom is a great service that allows you to create a live conference-style stream similar to Webinars and Meetings. Streaming to Restream from Zoom enables you to broadcast your LIVE stream to multiple platforms simultaneously!

Tip: Keep in mind you can also use Restream Studio with the Guests feature to create a live stream with multiple participants. Itโ€™s added for free to any of your Restream subscription plans. All you need is your browser and computer to start live streaming with guests via Restream Studio. Learn more

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Note: We have noticed the majority of our users tend to use Zoom meetings as they are similar to webinars in terms of functionality, but easier to set up.

Tip: Streaming to Restream directly from Zoom does require a paid Zoom subscription. You can stream to Restream with your Zoom Pro Plan.

Itโ€™s possible to start broadcasting your scheduled Zoom meeting/webinar to multiple platforms simultaneously or start broadcast during your Zoom webinar right away.

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