Your stream may look great on some platforms while looking worse on others with the same settings. Even more, your stream may look different in different countries for the same platforms. Few common reasons for that:

  • Different platforms support different video quality. While Restream doesn’t change the quality of your incoming stream in any way, some destination platforms could modify the incoming stream to adjust it to their supported video quality.

  • The same platforms can have different video quality for users in different regions. While Restream doesn’t change the quality of your incoming stream in any way, destination platforms could use different server settings/routing rules for different regions.

For example, YouTube and Facebook, transcode your stream and do not preserve the original feed. While other platforms, like Twitch and Mixer, use your original video feed as the highest quality stream and use transcoding to provide lower resolutions.

Try the following steps to identify the issue:

  1. While streaming, make a local recording (recording to your computer) using stream encoder - it will not add extra stress to your system - and compare your local file with the records (your computer saves your LIVE stream) you have on your platforms. If the video quality is the same on both record and stream records, you should adjust your encoder settings. Depending on your existing parameters you may want to increase bitrate, resolution, FPS, or slow down the CPU encoding preset.

  2. If the video quality is still different, try streaming directly to any of your platforms without Restream. See if the video quality gets any better in comparison to a local recording. 

  3. If the quality is still different, ensure that you're streaming to a platform that preserves original stream, and once again check that you're making a record using a stream encoder. Take a note on your encoder notification area - it may be overloaded or have connectivity issues in general. If it's overloaded - keep lowering stream settings; If it's losing packages - make sure you're having a good connection to the Internet (you can read more about it in the Network Issues section below).

  4. If stream quality is good only while you stream directly to one of your platforms and is bad if you stream through Restream, please contact Restream support to ask for additional help telling about all troubleshooting steps you did.

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