Figuring out the Restream Server to stream to is no longer a guessing game with our speed test addition! Simply head over to our speed test page, and instantly the page will start to ping our servers and show the current ping in milliseconds.

🧐 How to run a speed test on Restream servers 

  1. Go to our Speed Test page and click on "Run Test". Your ping for all our servers will start loading.

    Speed test for Restream

  2. Click on "Test" next to the server locations you wish to test your upload speed for.

    Speed test for Restream

    💡 Choose the servers with the lowest ping (ms). We recommend testing 2-3 different servers to find the ideal one.

  3. The higher the Mbps, the better. The average upload speed should be 10+ Mbps to avoid streaming issues like lagging.

    Speed test for Restream

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