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How can I remove Restream branding?
How can I remove Restream branding?

Discover what our branding applies to and how to remove it.

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Restream's branding helps promote our platform and services, but we understand you may want to remove it for a more customized appearance.

What is Restream branding?

All users on Restream's free plan have Restream branding in their streams. This includes:

  • A link to Restream in the stream description or social alerts on certain platforms.

  • The Restream logo appearing in the top right corner of Studio streams and Event thumbnails as a watermark.

How to remove Restream branding

  1. Sign up for a paid plan.

  2. Go to the Branding tab in your Settings, and toggle off the branding options.

  3. To remove Restream's logo from your Studio, click Graphics and deselect the logo under the Logo section.


Will Restream's watermark show on my outgoing stream?

On the free plan and streaming from Studio, yes. However, if you're on the free plan and streaming from an encoder like OBS, no, it will only display on the preview screen and not on the outgoing stream to your platforms.

I have a paid plan. Will my guests have branding if they pair their channels?

Guests can pair up to 3 channels for free, including paid ones, like Facebook pages and Custom RTMP destinations.

Free guests will have Restream branding in their stream's description. Guests with a paid Restream account will not have any branding.

💡 Elevate your stream using your own custom branding.

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