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Can I host a webinar with Restream?
Can I host a webinar with Restream?

Discover some of the possible setups for a successful webinar.

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Combining the power of live streaming with webinars is a great recipe for success. Let's explore some options to help you find the perfect setup for your virtual events.

What is a live webinar?

Embed your webinar on your website

If you want to keep your webinar off social platforms, you can produce it with Restream and embed it on your website. Set up our Studio or your preferred streaming software, grab the embed code from Restream, and add the video player to your website.

Learn how to use our website player here.

Broadcast your Zoom webinar with Restream

Restream elevates your Zoom webinars by broadcasting them to multiple social channels. Simply connect Zoom to Restream, host your webinar as usual, and we'll distribute it to all your channels for you.

Learn how to connect Zoom to Restream here.

Stream your webinar on LinkedIn with a registration form

LinkedIn Live connects you with millions of professionals. Create a LinkedIn event for your webinar, including a registration form to capture leads. Then, link your LinkedIn event to Restream and host your webinar using our Studio or your preferred streaming software.

Learn how to stream to a LinkedIn event here.

Host a private webinar on YouTube

For exclusive content, stream your webinar on YouTube as "unlisted". Only people with the event link can view it; it won't appear in search results or on your channel. Share the link with leads from a landing page or sell tickets for a paid webinar.

Learn how to host an unlisted YouTube event here.

💡 Do a trial run before going live and set yourself up for success.

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