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Can I use Restream for free? (Yes!)
Can I use Restream for free? (Yes!)

Learn more about our free and paid services.

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Getting started with Restream does not necessarily require a paid plan, and depending on your use case, there may be features you can first try for free.

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Free Plan Inclusions

For us to continue to be able to support all these amazing features for free, your stream will contain Restream branding. That will be in the form of a small watermark and/or link to Restream in your stream's description.

Paid Plan Inclusions

Our paid subscription plans come with increased limits and additional cool features.

A paid plan is necessary if you want to scale up and multistream to more than 2 channels or stream to Facebook Pages, Groups, and custom destinations.

Additionally, upgrading will allow you to remove our branding and customize your stream as you wish. It also unlocks streaming in Full HD in Studio, with up to 9 guests.

If you're a fan of streaming pre-recorded content, you can also increase your storage limits by upgrading to a higher plan. Plus, we'll automatically record all your streams.

💡 Don't miss out on power features like our website player and team accounts

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