Microphone Issues in Restream Studio
How can you fix microphone issues in Restream Studio? Follow this guide to learn about browser requirements and troubleshooting.
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If you can't seem to use your microphone in Restream Studio or get a "Permission Denied" error, we may not have permission to use your microphone in your browser.

What to check in your Settings

Check what audio you are trying to capture and include in the Studio. If it's only audio from one input device like a microphone, then check that the microphone is selected as the Audio Input option.

Audio input in Restream Studio

If you are trying to include audio from multiple sources, such as music from a media player or webpage as well as your microphone, you will need to use an audio mixer to combine the audio together and create a single input device that can be selected in Studio.

The same would apply if you would like to capture audio playing from your desktop without screen sharing and not include microphone audio. Windows had a built-in option for this called Stereo Mix, but with the update to Windows 10, this option is no longer available on many systems as an output option.

Instead, you would need to use audio mixing software such as VB-Audio Cable.

On macOS, there is the built-in Audio MIDI Setup for combining inputs and outputs.

Missing Permissions

Permissions Denied Error in Studio
  • Google Chrome

When you first try and launch Restream Studio, Google Chrome should prompt you and ask if you want to grant Restream access to your webcam and microphone.

In order for Studio to work, you will need to click “Allow mic/cam access” and then "Allow" on the Chrome pop-up that will appear.

Allow Restream Microphone access on Chrome
Allow Restream Studio to access microphone on Chrome

If you’re not seeing this prompt, there should be a camera or microphone icon in the URL bar of Google Chrome. Click that icon and make sure you are allowing Restream access to your webcam and microphone. After you’ve allowed the permissions, click "Done" in the prompt and then refresh the Studio page.

Camera Permissions in Chrome

Pro tip: Alternatively, you can click on "Manage" in the above pop-up and access all of Studio's permissions under your Chrome settings.

Restream Studio Permissions on Chrome
Restream Studio Permissions on Chrome
  • Firefox

When you first load Restream Studio, Firefox will ask if you want to grant Camera and Microphone access to Restream. Click “Allow” in the pop-up and Restream Studio will begin to work.

Allow Restream to access camera on Firefox

If this prompt is not showing, try refreshing the page and checking again.

If the prompt is still not there or if you accidentally blocked the camera the first time you launched Restream on Firefox, click the microphone icon in the URL bar and make sure to remove any blocks like the ones shown below by clicking on "X". If you refresh the page, you should then get the pop-up asking you to allow permissions.

Permissions for Restream Studio on Firefox
  • Safari

The first time you open Restream Studio on Safari, you will see this pop-up to allow access to your microphone.

Allow Restream Studio to use your microphone

If you don't have camera access, check Safari Preferences and make sure you allow studio.restream.io to access the Microphone.

Safari Preferences
Safari Website Preferences

If none of the above helps, you can clear the browser cache for Restream and refresh or restart the browser to access Studio again. Permissions are reset now, so you will be asked to grant permissions once more.

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