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Set up your microphone in Studio
Set up your microphone in Studio

Tips for using built-in and external microphones.

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Studio allows you to set up various compatible microphones and optimize your audio.

Studio settings page showing audio settings.

How to select your microphone

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click the gear ⚙️ icon under your preview window.

  2. Go to the Audio menu and click the dropdown under Audio Input.

  3. Select your preferred microphone from the menu of options.

  4. Click "Show advanced options" if you want to adjust more audio settings.

    1. Echo cancellation reduces echo when not using headphones.

    2. Noise suppression reduces background noise.

    3. Stereo audio input can be enabled.

    4. High-resolution audio increases audio performance to 256kbps.

    5. Auto gain control helps maintain steady volume.


  • Restream Studio can use any microphone that your browser is able to detect.

  • For external microphones, you may need additional software or drivers. Consult with your manufacturer.

  • You can only set up a single audio input.


Why is Studio not showing my external microphone as an option?

Restream Studio can only show what your browser can detect. You can use our microphone test tool or this website to check if your microphone is detectable by your browser.

Check if your microphone is listed among the options on those tools. If yes, it will work in Restream Studio. If not, please consult with your microphone's manufacturer.

What can I do if I want to use multiple audio inputs?

You would need to use an audio mixer to combine the audio together and create a single input device that can be selected in Studio.

On Windows, you can also use audio mixing software such as VB Audio Cable.

On Mac, there is the built-in Audio MIDI Setup for combining inputs and outputs.

Why do I hear weird noises in my audio?

Try disabling Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression, then enable Stereo.

If you're using an external microphone with advanced settings of its own or an audio mixer, we recommend you disable any advanced Studio settings. This can help you avoid your device's settings clashing with Studio ones.

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