Restream Recordings

Find out how to record your live stream with Restream and download the recording!

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With our recordings feature, we save all your streams!

Requirements and feature specifications

  • A paid plan is needed to download recordings.

  • At least a Professional plan is needed to use the Split audio track and Split video track features.

  • Recordings are stored for 15 days on Standard and Professional plans and 30 days on Premium and Business plans.

How to download recordings?

  1. Navigate to your Video Storage and click the Recordings tab.

  2. Click the 3 dots under the recording and click Download.

  3. You will have a choice to download a full video or full audio recording.

If you have a Professional plan or higher AND stream via Restream Studio, you can also download the Split audio and video tracks.

Split audio and video recordings in Restream Studio

It’s possible to download separate audio and videos for every participant in Studio. You can do it after the stream in Studio or from Video Storage.

Please note that the split track recordings feature is available only for streams in Restream Studio.

Helpful tips

  • A good way to test your stream is to stream directly to Restream. The stream will be saved even if all channels are toggled off. We will record the stream, and it can be downloaded!

  • Want to trim your videos to clean them up or create highlights? Restream’s built-in video trimmer helps you quickly and easily trim your videos so you’re only saving what you need.

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