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Trim and cut your videos

Easily repurpose your recordings and videos with our built-in trimmer.

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Turn long streams into short, exciting clips or cut out the boring parts.

How to trim your videos

  1. Go to your Storage and navigate to your Uploads or Recordings.

  2. Click the three dots under your video.

  3. Click Trim from the drop-down menu.

  4. Use the sliders to trim the beginning or end of your video.

  5. Click the Split button to remove any unwanted parts.

  6. Click Save and add a title for your video.

  7. Your trimmed video will be stored under your Uploads.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more:


  • Trimming videos is available for all Restream users, but the maximum video size and storage amount varies per Restream plan.

  • If you trim a recording that is over your subscription's limit, the trimmer will let you trim it down to a duration that your plan can cover.

  • A trimmed recording will be moved to your Uploads, where it will take up 1 video slot out of your plan's available storage.

  • A trimmed video from your uploads storage will remain in your Uploads folder with a tag that says "Trimmed", and it will not take up an extra slot.


Can I delete an original video from my uploads and keep the trimmed version only?

No. If you attempt to do so, you will see a warning that removing the original video will also remove any trimmed videos created from it.

If a recording gets deleted/expires, does the trimmed version remain in Uploads?

Yes. Any trimmed versions of your recordings get moved to Uploads and will not be affected after the original recording is removed or expires.

Can I trim an already-trimmed video again?

You can only trim original videos. Videos with a ‘trimmed’ label cannot be re-trimmed.

What download formats do I have for trimmed videos?

You can only download the full video file directly.

Downloading separate audio/video tracks or just audio is only available for your Studio recordings.

You can utilize our free tools to convert your trimmed files into a different format.

💡 Combine your trimmed videos into a Playlist and stream your highlights

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