Record without going live

Create a recording without broadcasting to an audience.

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Capture your audio and video content, no live streaming required. Perfect for testing, podcasts, or creating editable content for later use.

How to record without going live

  1. From your home screen, select Record Video & Audio.

  2. You will enter the Studio in record-only mode.

  3. Set up and click Start Recording when you're ready.

  4. Click Stop Recording when you're done.


  • You will need a paid Restream plan to access the Record Only feature.

  • You can have up to 9 guests join your Record Only session.

  • Studio can use any camera and microphone that your browser is able to detect.

  • Studio automatically adjusts your bitrate based on the resolution of your stream.


How can guests join my recording?

Click on the person icon located beneath the preview screen. A link will appear that you can copy and give to your guests.

How do I download my recording?

Navigate to your Recordings section, then click on the three dots next to the recording you wish to download. From there, select the desired file type, and the download will start automatically.

How long can I record for?

You can record for up to 6 hours on a Standard plan, 10 hours on Professional, and 20 hours on Business. This limit applies per stream; there's no limit to the total number of recordings you can store.

💡 Use our trimming feature to eliminate unnecessary parts and create compelling, short clips.

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