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Does Restream have a referral program?
Does Restream have a referral program?

Find out how you and your friends can benefit from our referral program.

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Meet the Restream Referral Program, a fantastic way to share multistreaming tools with your friends, guests, or partners and earn cash rewards.

How to share your referral link

  1. Go to the Referral section under your account's settings.

  2. Personalize your link if you want to, or leave it in its default state.

  3. Copy the link and send it to anyone you want to refer.

  4. You can also share your link to:

    1. Your social media - click on the logo of the respective platform to create quick posts or send a message.

    2. For an email list, click the three dots and select email.

  5. If someone signs up through your referral link and purchases a paid subscription, you will earn 10 USD.

How to cash out

  1. Go to the Referral section under your account's settings.

  2. Click Withdraw.

  3. Enter the email associated with your PayPal account and click Save.

  4. Click Payout to confirm the request.


  • Earnings from upgraded referrals will be added to your balance after 60 days of the active subscription.

  • Referral credits can be applied to paid services (e.g., your upgrade/renewal) or can be cashed out.

  • Cash-out of referral credits is optional and occurs only upon request.

  • Once you reach a $50 balance, you can request and withdraw your earnings into your PayPal account.

  • The cash-out option became available in November 2020. If you had earnings before that time, those would be given only in Restream credits, not payouts.


Can I cash out with another payment method?

We do not offer alternative payment methods at this time or cover any PayPal transaction/currency exchange fees.

I requested a cash-out; why haven't I received the money yet?

All withdrawal requests are manually reviewed. Please allow up to 14 business days for funds to be deposited.

Will the people I refer earn anything?

Yes, they will get 10 USD in Restream credit to use towards subscribing to paid plans.

Can I customize my referral link as often as I want?

Yes. However, every time you update your referral link, the new link will not be connected to your old link, so be mindful of making changes here.

If you previously posted your old referral link somewhere and later decided to change it to a new one, update your old posts with the new version.

How do I track the stats, and what do the categories mean?

Under the Referral section, you will see how many friends you have invited, plus how many have already signed up and upgraded their accounts. You're ready to cash out once your tracker's available balance reaches $50.

  • Invited - free and paid users who signed up with your link.

  • Pending - commissions under review.

  • Earned - the amount of commission ready for payout to your account.

  • Balance - the total current balance of your account.

Can I become a Restream partner?

Our team will closely monitor the top performers of our referral program. If you bring a lot of new streamers to our community, we will reach out to you with our special collaboration offers.

💡 Collaborate with your referrals and have them join your streams on-screen.

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