Meet Restream Referral Program, a fantastic way to share multistreaming tools with your friends while earning rewards.

How much will I earn?

If you invite a new user to subscribe to our Services by sharing a Referral Link and your referral friend gets a paid monthly subscription, you will earn 19 USD.

If a referred friend subscribes to an Annual Paid Plan, you will earn 49 USD.

Important: Earnings become available if a referral friend subscribes to one of our Paid Services and remains a subscriber to such Paid Service for at least 2 billing cycles.

Referral Credits may be applied to Paid Services or may be cashed out.

Cash-out of Referral Credits

Cash-out of Referral Credits is optional and occurs only upon request. You may request a cash-out after accumulating $50 USD in Referral Credits. A payout form may be requested from Customer Service via chat by sharing the email associated with the Referral Affiliate’s Restream account and the applicable PayPal details.

Note: We do not offer alternative payment methods at this time, and we do not cover any PayPal transaction/currency exchange fees.

Important: The cash-out option became available in November 2020. If you had earnings before November, those would be given only in the form of Restream credits, not payouts.

Will my referral friend earn anything?

Yes! Your friend gets a $10 Restream Credit after completing their first live stream on Restream via your referral link.

How to share the referral link?

Go to the Referral section inside your Restream account, copy the link and send it to your referral friend. To share on social, click the Facebook or Twitter buttons to create quick posts. You can also share via Email.

Restream referral link

Can I customize my referral link?

Yes, you can! Click on the Edit option and enter your preferred referral link:

Important Note: Every time you change your referral link, the new link will not be connected to your old link, so be mindful of making changes here.

If you previously posted your old referral link somewhere and decided to, later on, change it to a new one, then don't forget to update your old posts.

How to track the stats?

Go to the Referral section inside your Restream account to see how many friends have already signed up and upgraded their accounts.

Referral section in your Restream account

Under History, you can see four tabs here:

  • Invited - are free and paid users who signed up with your link.

  • Earned - is the amount of commission ready for payout to your account.

  • Pending - are commissions under review.

  • Payout - shows the history of all payments processed for your account.

How to track your referral program stats

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The Restream team will closely monitor the top performers of our referral program. If you bring a lot of new streamers to our community, we will reach out to you with our special collaboration offers. This includes brand ambassador status and sponsorships!

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