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Stream to X

Learn how to live stream on your X (Twitter) account with Restream.

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Streaming on X (formerly Twitter) is an excellent way to expand your audience and interact with more followers.

How to add your X account

  1. From your home screen, click the Destinations button.

  2. Click Add Channels.

  3. Click X.

  4. Click Connect X.

  5. Click "Authorize app" to let Restream access your X account.

  6. You're ready to stream to X - you just need to choose how you'll go live.


  • X requires a verified X Premium subscription to go live. You can learn more here.

  • The maximum title length on X is 256 characters.

  • X has no maximum stream duration.

  • X has the following recommended stream settings:

    Video Guidelines

    • Resolution: 1280x720 (recommended), max 1920x1080

    • FPS: 30 (recommended), max 60 for 720p

    • Codec: H.264/AVC

    • Keyframe Interval: 3 seconds

    • Bitrate: 9,000 Kbps (recommended), max 12,000 Kbps

    Audio Guidelines

    • Codec: AAC-LC

    • Bitrate: max 128 Kbps


Does X work with Restream Chat?

Yes, you can now view chat messages from X directly on Restream. This is currently read only so the reply and relay functions are not yet supported.

You must log in to your X account to comment on someone's stream, but having a paid account is not required.

Does X work with Restream Events?

You can stream to X via Restream Events, but there will be no advance post/notification about future events. We recommend making a separate announcement post directly on X with your stream thumbnail, date, and title.

Can I tag somebody in my stream title?

Yes, simply @ the correct X handle in the stream title (example: @Restreamio), and when you go live, it will show the link to that person's profile.

Why isn't my stream description appearing on X?

X only supports stream titles. Any description added on Restream will not appear on your X stream, but it's okay to have it; it won't break anything.

💡 View chat messages from all of your platforms, including X, all in one place.

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