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Virtual Backgrounds in Studio
Virtual Backgrounds in Studio

Replace your physical background with an image or blur it in Studio. How it works and troubleshooting steps.

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A virtual background allows you to display an image instead of what is naturally behind you. You don’t have to worry about your messy bedroom or let viewers know you’re streaming from a storage area.

No additional equipment is required to use the virtual backgrounds in Studio.

virtual background studio

How does it work?

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

  2. Navigate to the Virtual Background section.

  3. Select Auto mode.
    Note: You can switch to Green Screen mode if you have a solid green (blue/magenta/custom) background.

  4. Select an image to use as your background. You also can upload your own custom images (maximum of 10).

virtual background studio


  • For the best results, use an image with colors close to your natural background and has good contrast with you. Otherwise, the system will struggle to tell where you are and where your background is.

  • Watch out for a cluttered background since it will make it harder to tell your image from the objects behind you. A solid wall is a great choice.

  • Light is your friend! The better lit you are, the easier it is to capture and isolate you from the background.


  • The virtual background is not available in Firefox and Safari.

  • The virtual background feature works on almost all devices, but we recommend using a powerful computer since it uses your graphics processor (GPU).

  • Make sure you have enabled hardware acceleration.

Enable hardware acceleration in Chrome

  1. Open system settings in Chrome: chrome://settings/system.

  2. Toggle on Use hardware acceleration when available.

enable hardware acceleration in Chrome
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