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What equipment do I need?
What equipment do I need?

Check out what you need to start your first stream.

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Starting your first stream doesn't have to be complicated. Let's review some basic recommendations to help you set up.

Main Device

Start by selecting your streaming device. Most people go for a desktop or laptop, but you can stream from your phone, too. For optimal results, we recommend a device with good processing power.


You can never go wrong with a good camera, but you can start with your computer's built-in one. We recommend matching your camera's quality to your desired video resolution. For example, you should use a Full HD camera for Full HD streams.


Microphones play a crucial role in your audio quality. When starting out, it’s perfectly fine to use your built-in mic. If you use Restream Studio to go live, you can adjust your audio settings and use enhanced features, like high-resolution audio.

Internet Connection

A fast and stable internet connection is key to a quality stream. You can check your upload speed here.

  • Minimum bandwidth: 10 Mbps.

  • Recommended bandwidth: 25 Mbps or higher, especially for Full HD streams.

For increased stability, we recommend a wired connection over Wi-Fi.


If you're using Restream Studio, pick the right browser based on your operating system.

  • Windows, macOS, and Linux: Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Arc, Edge, Safari (least preferred).

  • Android: Chrome (recommended), Firefox.

  • iOS: Safari 14+

Don't forget to keep your browser updated and use the latest version available.

Streaming Encoders

If you stream with streaming software or hardware, always use the latest version and install any pending updates.

For the best results, set up your encoder's settings according to our guidelines.

Final Tips

  • Put on headphones. Headphones reduce external noises and prevent echoes.

  • Good lighting is your friend. The better lit you are, the better your video will look.

  • Consider your background. Choose a spot that complements your content, or check out our virtual backgrounds.

  • Don't panic! If something goes wrong, play it cool. It happens to the best of us.

💡 Do a quick test run and check your equipment in action

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