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Stream to FC2 Live

Learn how to add your FC2 Live channel to Restream.

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FC2 Live is a streaming service where users can broadcast live video content online, like gaming or personal vlogs.

How to connect FC2 Live to Restream

  1. Open FC2 Live and click Begin Live Broadcast.

  2. Set up your stream's title, description, preview image and category, then click Save Settings.

  3. Go to your broadcast page and click Use Broadcast Software.

  4. Locate the Share section and copy your Channel URL.

  5. Open your profile settings and copy your stream key.

  6. In a separate tab, open Restream's home screen and click the Destinations button.

  7. Click Add Channels and choose FC2 Live.

  8. Paste the Channel URL and stream key from FC2 Live into the fields on Restream, then click Add Channel.

  9. You're ready to stream to FC2 Live - you just need to choose how you'll go live.


  • FC2 Live is available for all Restream users, even with a free plan.

  • FC2 Live has a Japanese-language article detailing how to set up their platform here.

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