Connect Dailymotion to Restream
How to connect Dailymotion to your Restream account. Learn everything you need to know to stream live to Dailymotion.
Written by Paul Nguyen
Updated over a week ago has a direct integration with Dailymotion which allows Verified Dailymotion Partners to live stream their videos to multiple platforms.Β 

Dailymotion is a place where video-makers are free to share their world and connect with a passionate audience anywhere, anytime.

Sign up for a Dailymotion Advanced Partner account here.

How to stream to Dailymotion using Restream

  1. Go to your Restream main dashboard and click "Add channel".

2. Choose β€œDailymotion” from the Channels list.

3. Click on "Connect Dailymotion".

Important: You have to be a verified Dailymotion partner to be able to stream to their service, you can use this link to apply for verification. You can proceed as soon as you are verified.

4. If you are already verified, simply proceed and log into your Dailymotion account.

Sign in with Dailymotion

5. Accept the connection request.Β 

Dailymotion permission to Restream

6. You will get a pop-up window to save changes and finalize adding your Dailymotion account.

7. Once added, click the three little dots next to Dailymotion and click "Edit settings".

8. If you want your broadcasts to save as videos on Dailymotion, toggle the option for "Automatically record live event".

This is also where you can set up your stream title, description, and category.

9. You are all set! Start your stream and watch it appear on your Dailymotion channel.

Connect Dailymotion to Restream

Enjoy your awesome streaming to Dailymotion along with all the other services you have connected at!

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