Connect Picarto to Restream
Learn how to connect to your Restream Dashboard + Video/Audio Requirements.
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Picarto is the world's leading live streaming platform for creative minds. Come join Picarto and stream your creations all over the world! This guide will walk you through connecting and using Picarto with Restream.

Setting up Picarto

1) Head over to your Restream Dashboard and select Add Channel.

Add channel to Restream

2) Now select from the channel list.

Add Picarto to Restream

3) On this page you have two options; Connect Picarto and Setup Manually, for manual connection please scroll down or select Connect Picarto to continue.ย 

Connect Picarto to Restream

4) After clicking Connect Picarto you will be taken to this Authorization screen. Login to your Picarto account and choose Sign in

Sign in Picarto

5) Click Authorize to allow Restream access to your Picarto Account.

Authorize Restream on Picarto

After choosing Authorize Picarto will automatically be added add to your Restream Dashboard.

Setup Picarto manuallyย 

1) Head over to your Picarto Stream Setup dashboard and copy your Stream Key.

Copy Picarto stream key

2) Enter in your Picarto Channel URL (Not the RTMP URL) and Stream Key then choose Add Channel.

Connect Picarto to Restream

๐Ÿ’ก Important Note: Picarto's API only allows changing the title thrice, so be mindful when making changes to this.

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