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Add notes to your scenes in Studio

Keep your key points and prompts linked to each scene of your live stream.

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Create internal notes for your scenes and follow your script without leaving the Studio.

How to add notes to your scenes

  1. Go to Restream Studio and select one of your scenes on the left side.

  2. Click the Notes tab and start typing.

  3. The text you enter will auto-save under the selected scene.

  4. Repeat the process to create notes for as many scenes as needed for your stream.

  5. When you go live, you will see each active scene's notes under the Notes tab.


  • This feature is available on any of our plans, including the free tier.

  • Each scene has its own notes.

  • You can add text of up to 10,000 characters per scene.

  • Your notes will auto-save even if you leave the Studio and return later.

  • You will see a blue dot on the Notes tab when your active scene contains text.

  • Notes are internal; they will not be visible to your audience.

  • Notes are supported on desktops and tablets and are exclusive to Studio 2.0.


Will my guests see my notes?

No, internal notes are only visible to the host and admins/co-hosts. For written communication with guests, we recommend using the private chat at the bottom of your screen.

Can my co-producers see and edit my notes?

If you have a team account, co-hosts and admins can see and use notes. If multiple people edit the text simultaneously, the last version will override the rest.

What can I use notes for?

Notes make it easy to keep all your content within Studio and avoid tab-switching while you're live. Most creators find them to be perfect for:

  • Summarising key talking points.

  • Adding their script in Studio and using it like a teleprompter.

  • Setting reminders or prompts about what's next on the broadcast.

  • Noting down questions for live interviews.

  • Keeping helpful links at hand.

  • Taking notes about viewer comments on the spot.

Are notes supported in scheduled Studio events?

Yes, whether you are starting an instant stream or a scheduled event, your notes are synced across all versions of your Studio.

💡 Try our free script generator tools and get inspiration for your internal notes.

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