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Notify your followers you're live
Notify your followers you're live

Let viewers know you’re live with easy-to-set-up alerts.

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Automatically share a pre-made message on your Facebook or Discord Server as soon as you begin streaming.

How to add a social alert

  1. Go to the Social Alerts tab in your Settings.

  2. Click Connect Account next to Discord or Facebook.

  3. Follow the prompts to log in and connect your account.

  4. Select the Facebook page or Discord server where you want to send social alerts.

  5. Start streaming and your message will automatically be posted to all connected channels.


  • Social alerts are free for all users.

  • The maximum length is 236 characters.

  • Social alerts work only when at least one channel is toggled on for a stream.


Can I send social alerts to my Facebook Profile or Group?

No, only Pages are supported for Facebook at this time.

If I add a social alert for my Facebook Page, will my stream go live there too?

Social alerts and streaming destinations are separate features. Your stream would only go live to your Page if you've added it to your list of channels as seen in this guide.

Furthermore, you can disconnect your Facebook social alert at any moment and it will not affect your stream to that Facebook channel.

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