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How to test your stream before going live
How to test your stream before going live

Preview how your stream will look without actually being live for your viewers.

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Testing your stream is a great way to check your setup and video quality.

Create a Recording

All of our paid plans allow you to record video and audio without going live. This method is ideal for checking your overall setup and stream quality.

Record with Restream Studio

  1. From your home screen, select Record Video & Audio.

  2. You will enter the Studio in record-only mode.

  3. Set up and click Start Recording when you're ready.

  4. Click Stop Recording when you're done.

Record with an Encoder

  1. From your home screen, select Connect to OBS, Zoom...

  2. Copy your RTMP URL and stream key.

  3. Insert them in your encoders' stream settings.

  4. Toggle off all your channels.

  5. Start a stream from your encoder and end it when you're done.

  6. The recordings you create will be available under your Restream storage.

💡 Restream Studio creates split-track recordings for your audio and video

Do an unlisted stream on YouTube

Another way to test your stream in real conditions is to send private streams to platforms that support them, like YouTube. An added benefit of this method is that you'll get to see how your streams connect to and appear on the end platform.

You can learn how to create and start an unlisted stream here.

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