Your subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle by using your credit card information.

If you update your credit card before your next renewal date, we’ll use the updated card for the next payment.

Important: If your debit or credit card expires, update your information before your next billing date to avoid a service interruption.

Let's take a look at:

How to update your payment in billing settings

1. Go to your Restream homepage and select "Billing" from the left-hand side menu.

Restream Billing Settings

2. Select "Update payment method" and in the next step, proceed to add a new card or edit your existing card.

Update payment method on Restream

3. Fill out your billing information and click on "Payment info".

Update payment info on Restream

4. Enter your card details and click on "Update card details"

Update card details on Restream

How to update your payment at checkout

1. In the checkout pop-up, click on "Edit" next to your card details.

2. In the next step, add your card information to update your payment method and click on "Subscribe" to confirm.

Update payment method at checkout

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