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How to cancel a free trial

Learn how you can cancel your Restream free trial.

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If you're on a 7-day trial, you can cancel before the trial ends to prevent being charged.

How to cancel a free trial

  1. Go to the Billing page under your Settings.

  2. Click Cancel subscription.

  3. Select a cancellation reason and let us know if you have any feedback.

  4. Click "Cancel my subscription" at the bottom of the page to confirm your choice.


  • You will still have access to paid features until the end of your billing period.

  • When you cancel a free trial, your account will be downgraded to a free plan.

  • Cancelling your subscription does not equal removing your account. If you resubscribe in the future, your channels and stream settings will still be there!

  • After the 7-day trial ends, if your subscription is still active, the payment method on your account will be charged.

💡 You have full control of your subscription - upgrade or downgrade anytime.

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