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Enable Live Streaming on YouTube
Enable Live Streaming on YouTube

Learn how to activate live streaming for your YouTube channel.

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YouTube requires a quick verification process before it allows a channel to go live for the first time. You will need to verify your phone number and then wait for 24 hours.

How to verify your phone number

  1. Go to YouTube, click your icon in the top right corner, and select YouTube Studio.

  2. Click Settings in the bottom left corner and navigate to the Channel option.

  3. Select the tab Feature eligibility and expand Intermediate features.

  4. Then, click Verify phone number.

  5. Choose a verification method and your country from the available options.

  6. Fill in your phone number and click Get Code.

  7. Enter the 6-digit verification code you'll receive and click Submit.

  8. Your phone number should now be verified.

How to activate the 24-hour countdown

  1. From your homepage, click the Create icon and select Go Live.

  2. This action will trigger a countdown timer. YouTube will ask you to wait 24 hours until you can do your first stream.

  3. Once the waiting period is over, the restriction will be lifted.

  4. On your Restream home screen, you will also see an updated message under your YouTube channel, indicating that you will be able to go live on YouTube with Restream once the 24 hours are up.


  • There is no way to bypass this process - you'll need to verify your phone number and wait 24 hours before you can do your first stream on a new YouTube channel.

  • You can find YouTube's recommended stream settings here.


Will my channel be automatically enabled after the 24 hours pass?

Yes. Once YouTube has unlocked your channel for live streaming, you'll have no issues streaming from Restream.

Why am I seeing this message if my channel isn't new and already has access?

Make sure you're choosing the correct Gmail account connected to your YouTube channel. If you have multiple, you may be selecting the wrong one and adding a new channel instead of your regular one.

Try connecting YouTube again through an incognito window in your browser to avoid connecting to the wrong account.

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