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Stream in landscape mode in Studio 2.0
Stream in landscape mode in Studio 2.0

Create horizontal streams with Studio.

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With landscape mode in Studio, you can deliver horizontally-oriented streams to your favourite platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and more.

Streaming in landscape mode

Studio supports both vertical and horizontal streams. You can easily change the orientation with the desktop or mobile icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Horizontal streams are done in a 16:9 ratio, which is what has been traditionally supported by popular streaming destinations and is recommended in their resources.

On a desktop, your viewers can easily full-screen a horizontal stream.

On mobile, your audience can also watch in full screen by rotating their phone.


  • Landscape mode in Studio uses a 16:9 ratio.

  • In that ratio, we support the following resolutions:

    • 1920x1080 (Full High Definition)

    • 1280x720 (High Definition)


What's the difference between landscape mode and portrait mode?

Landscape mode uses a 16:9 ratio, which delivers horizontal streams. Portrait mode uses a 9:16 ratio, which delivers vertical streams.

If you want to stream in portrait mode, you can follow this guide.

What if I stream in landscape mode to multiple platforms, including Instagram?

When streaming to Instagram from Restream Studio in landscape mode, we automatically transcode your stream to ensure it appears centered and no aspects of it get cut off. You can read more here.

TikTok also auto-transcodes your streams to apply the same effect on their side.

💡 Set up your landscape streams in multiple layouts and formats

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