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How to add guest channels to my encoder (OBS) stream
How to add guest channels to my encoder (OBS) stream

Allow your guests to add their channels to streams done with third-party software.

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Restream Pairs lets you stream your scheduled encoder streams to your guests' channels. This unique setup grows your audience and multiplies your views.

How to use Pairs for Encoders

  1. From your home screen, click Schedule Event.

  2. Select Encoder.

  3. Follow the steps to set up and schedule your Event.

  4. Click the Invite Guests button on your event card.

  5. Click Copy Link and share it with whoever should add their channels to your stream.


  • To use Pairs, the host needs at least a Standard plan.

  • Guests can pair up to 3 channels for free (including paid ones, like Facebook pages or Custom RTMP channels).

  • If your guests don't have a Restream account, they will be asked to enter an email to add their channels, but no payment is needed.

  • For scheduled encoder streams, you can have a maximum of 100 channels paired. We recommend up to 10 guests with up to 10 channels each.

  • Guests can only pair channels before a scheduled event starts, not while it's live.

  • Guests have the option to pair and join the stream on-screen exclusively with Studio Events. Events with encoders solely offer a pairing option.


Will I receive comments from the chat of my guests' channels too?

Yes, chats from your guests’ channels will be marked as “Paired”. Only the chat relay feature will not be supported between host and guest channels.

You will also only be able to respond to comments in your own channels due to the privacy settings and permissions of streaming platforms.

Why do my guests see a message to come back in a few days to join?

When using scheduled encoder streams, guests can pair their channels up to 7 days in advance. If you send them an invite link earlier than that, they will see a prompt to return to the event once it is 7 days away and then pair their channels.

Can I unpair guest channels?

Yes. Just click on Destinations under your event card. Select Paired Channels and toggle off any channels you want to remove. Then, click Save.

💡 Adding guest channels to your stream can give you up to 3X more views

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