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How do I access Restream Chat?
How do I access Restream Chat?

Learn where to go to view messages from your audience.

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No matter how you go live with Restream, you can always receive comments from your viewers. We'll show you to where you can find them.

Restream Studio

When you start a live stream from the Studio in your web browser, you can easily find the chat section located on the right side of the screen under the Chat tab.

Encoder Streams

When you broadcast from an encoder like OBS, vMix, or Zoom, you can view all your chat messages collectively on your Restream dashboard.


Even if your stream is pre-recorded, you still have access to messages from your audience as they tune in. Your stream's preview and chat will appear on the home screen once the stream begins at the scheduled time.


Schedule playlists to stream automatically and chat with your audience at the same time. Simply go to your home screen and click the View Stream button next to your Playlist. Once you're inside your Playlist, click the Chat tab.

Desktop Application

Our desktop app provides a convenient solution for managing your chat without opening any browser windows. You can download it here and log in to access your comments.

💡 Learn how to schedule pre-made messages to appear automatically your chat.

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