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What is the difference between instant and scheduled streams?
What is the difference between instant and scheduled streams?

Learn about the different setup methods for your stream's production.

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Whether you wanna give your followers a heads-up a few days in advance or go live on a whim, Restream supports both.

Instant streams

Instant streams are unscheduled lives that are not part of a Restream Event.

Simply choose "Stream with Studio" or "Connect to OBS, Zoom..." from your Restream home screen, set up your Studio or encoder, and go live.

Instant streams are great for spontaneous surprise lives or platforms that don't provide an option to schedule an event in advance. Additionally, for encoder users, instant streams reuse a static stream key tied to your Restream account.

Scheduled streams

Scheduled streams are done via Restream Events and offer the option to create an event page on social platforms. This helps notify your audience that you're planning to go live.

To set up scheduled streams, choose "Schedule Event" or "Upload & Stream Videos" from your Restream home screen.

Scheduled streams are an awesome way to promote your live in advance and increase your viewership. Keep in mind that each event has a unique stream key. You can follow the instructions here for Studio events and here for encoder events.

💡 Set a recorded video to go live even while you're away.

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