Connecting OBS Studio is quick and easy!  

  1. Log into the Restream Dashboard. On the right side of the webpage select a server you're going to stream to.

2. After selecting the server copy your Stream Key from a lane below.

3.  Launch OBS Studio and click "Settings" on the bottom right.

4.  Choose "Stream" from the left side navigational menu.

5.  Choose from the “Services” Drop down box.

6. Select the best streaming server for your location.
Note that sometimes more remote servers can be better for you. Read about selecting the best server in this
Speed Test article.

7.  Paste the Stream Key you got from the Restream Dashboard.

8. Go to Output tab on the left, and select "Advanced" in Output Mode menu.

9. Uncheck "Enforce streaming service encoder settings" option, set "Keyframe Interval" value to "2" and select "main" profile.

Set the remaining parameters according to your hardware specifications and your end platforms' streaming guidelines.

10.  OBS Studio is now set up to work with Restream. Click OK and start streaming!


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