FC2 Live has an article in Japanese on setting their platform up. You can check it here:

  1. Head over to https://live.fc2.com/. At the top right part of the page, press the "Begin Live Broadcast" button.

Begin Live Broadcast FC2Live

2. Select a category of your stream next to a green "Terms of Service" button.

FC2Live terms of use

3. Set up your stream appearance at https://live.fc2.com/live_start/ by entering title, description and preview image. Click "Save Settings" afterwards.

Live Broadcast Settings

4. Switch over to your broadcasting page at https://live.fc2.com/member?page=broadcast. At the left part of that page you need to enable Flash Player, and allow it access to your camera and microphone to get access to the RTMP key. After you do this, click "Use Broadcast Software."

Use Broadcast Software FC2Live

5. Get your Channel URL at https://live.fc2.com/member?page=broadcastย from the area below the player next to the Share buttons.

FC2Live channel URL

FC2Live stream key

7. At your Restream Dashboard press Add Channel and select FC2.com platform.

Add FC2Live to Restream

Insert Channel URL and Key you copied earlier to text fields.

Connect FC2Live to Restream

8. Start streaming to your Restream RTMP. When you launch your stream, your FC2 channel will go live instantly.

Go Live to FC2Live with Restream
Stream to FC2Live to Restream

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