Fail Safe Stream Backup or simply Fallback - is an automated system that switches between two of your incoming streams (ingests) in case of any troubles with your main stream source without interrupting the stream for your viewers.

Fail Safe Stream Backup scheme

Setting Up Fallback 

1. To get this option, you need to subscribe to our Business plan, or request it in the Enterprise package.

2. After you have this option enabled proceed to your Restream dashboard and click the "Fallback" link below your stream key. 

Fallback feature in Restream

3. In a pop-up window that shows after there will be two RTMP links (they are identical and are determined by the server you have chosen) and two different streaming keys. 

RTMP links in Restream

4. Source A is your primary source and Source B is your backup source. You need to set up 2 separate encoders - the first of them should stream to Source A, and the other one should stream to Source B. The latter will be used for fallback streaming.

Setting up Fallback feature in streaming encoders

Important: the settings of both streams have to be 100% identical for a seamless switch. If there will be significant differences in stream settings, there may be an interruption for your viewers in the moment of losing connection to the main server.

5. After setting up both encoders, start streaming, and your stream will be delivered to and all your connected services. 

Setting up Fallback in OBS

If anything happens to your primary stream the system will seamlessly switch to another source with no visible transition.

RTMP URL & Key in Restream

Have fun with your streams and be sure that Fallback got your back! ;)

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