Wirecast - How to set up with Restream

Learn how to use Wirecast for live streaming. Follow the steps in this guide to set up Wirecast with Restream.

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Wirecast is professional grade software that many professional DJ's, Church's, TV Shows and other professional users of Restream use.

How to Setup Wirecast 

1. Open Wirecast

2. Select "Output" from the toolbar
3. Select "Output Settings..." from the drop-down or Command +y  (ctrl +y  on Windows) 

4. Select "RTMP Server" as the destination and choose "Ok" 

5. Head back to the Restream Dashboard and copy your "Stream Key" and "RTMP URL"

6. Paste your RTMP URL into "Address"
7. Paste your Stream Key into "Stream:"

8. Press a gear icon for "Encoding" settings. 

9. Set up your "Resolution", "Frames Per Second" and "Bit Rate" parameters to desired values. For "Key Frame" value double the value of your "Frames Per Second":

10. Select "Save", then "OK".

Wirecast is now setup to work with Restream.

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