Connect DLive to Restream

How to multistream to DLive with Restream. Follow the steps in this guide to connect DLive to Restream.

Updated over a week ago is the largest live streaming community on blockchain that is powered by Lino blockchain. Share amazing streams and earn massive rewards on DLive now. Of course, you will need to have an account with DLive to stream to this location.

Connecting DLive

  1. Click "Add Destination".

  2. Click “DLive”.

  3. Connect DLive and enter your login details.

  4. Click Sign in.

You are now ready to stream to DLive with Restream!

Tip: It is crucial that you set your keyframe interval to 2 seconds within your broadcast software. If you don't set your keyframe to 2 seconds, DLive may reject your stream.

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