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Filter chat comments

Prevent certain messages, words, or chatters from appearing in your chat.

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Customize the words, bots and users that you allow to appear in your chat.

How to use message filtering

Open your Chat settings and click on the Filtering tab. You'll find the following options:

  • Hide common chat bots

    When enabled, this will filter out messages from commonly used chat bots. This can be useful if you have a periodic message setup and don't want to be notified every time. 

  • Hide commands starting with '!'

    When enabled, it will prevent messages starting with '!' from appearing in Restream chat. This command is commonly used with chat bots. 

  • Muting

    Enter a username into the Chatter name field and click Mute to prevent messages from a certain user appearing in Restream Chat. 

  • Word Filtering

    Enter a word or phrase and click Filter to prevent matching messages from appearing. This can be useful for keeping curse words from appearing in Restream Chat.


  • You can undo a filter and unblock chatters through your chat settings at any point.

  • These filters only apply to Restream Chat, not the chat on your streaming channels.

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