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Use reply commands in chat
Use reply commands in chat

Set commands for the messages you frequently use and avoid typing them out.

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Set pre-made messages like a welcome or your social handles to appear in your chat.

How to set up reply commands

  1. Open your Chat settings and click on the Reply commands tab.

  2. Click Create.

  3. In the first field, select a command that you will be typing.

  4. In the second field, set the message text for that command.

  5. If you want to force chat to send the command every few minutes, toggle on the Repeat with timer option and select the desired interval in minutes.

    Now, whenever you enter your trigger word, starting with an exclamation mark, you will see the message delivered to all platforms that allow sending replies.


  • Currently, reply commands can be executed only by the streamer. They can't be used to answer viewer commands.

  • When typing your command in the chat, don't forget to add a ! to the beginning.

  • The time intervals for repeating commands can be set in a range of 5 to 60 minutes.

  • Chat timers be activated at the start of each chat. This can be done in the popup which you will see on the chat launch if you have any commands with a timer.

💡 Easily view all incoming chat messages in one place.

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