Connect Nimo TV to Restream
Learn how to stream games on Nimo TV with Restream. Follow the steps in this guide to connect Nimo TV to Restream.
Written by Paul Nguyen
Updated over a week ago is a leading global platform that allows millions of gamers from all around the world to play and broadcast their games to other like-minded players. Their mission is to make it as easy as possible for gamers across the global stage to showcase their talents and expertise, entertain new audiences, and for gamers to catch the latest online engagement. Streaming to Nimo TV requires creating an account with this platform.

Connecting Nimo TV

1) From your Restream Dashboard click "Add Channel."

Add Channel to Restream

2) Choose “Nimo TV” from the Channel list. 

Add Nimo TV to Restream

3) In a new tab open your Nimo TV Livestream Settings. If this is your first time streaming to Nimo TV, you must set a game and then click "Start Livestream".

Start Livestream Nimo TV

4) After you click "Start Livestream" you will see your "Server URL" and "Stream Key" populated. Click "Copy" for "Server URL." 

Copy Server URL on Nimo TV

5) Go back to your Restream tab and paste the "Server URL" into "RTMP URL.

Nimo TV RTMP url in Restream

6) Go back to your  Nimo TV Livestream Settings and click "Copy" for "Stream Key."  

Copy Nimo TV Stream key

7) Go back to your Restream tab and paste your Nimo TV Stream Key into "Stream key".

Nimo TV stream key on Restream

8) Click "Add Channel." 

Add Nimo TV to Restream

You are now ready to stream on Nimo TV with Restream! You will only have to do these steps once, as soon as we receive the stream from your software the stream will automatically start on Nimo TV once the channel is activated.

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