When you decided that Custom RTMP is the option for you simply chose the plan which fit your needs from here.

For each custom platform, you need 1 Custom RTMP, that means that for 3 Facebook channels you will requires our Professional plan as it includes 3 Extra Destination channels. 

For each custom platform, you need one Extra Destination, that means, for three(3) Facebook channels you would need our Professional plan which includes three(3) Extra Destination channels. 

How to add Custom RTMP?

1. Simply click on "Add channel" button and proceed to the end of platforms list. Chose "Custom Platform (RTMP)" option.  You will be asked to purchase it if you have not done it already.

2. Fill in your custom RTMP URL and Stream Key provided by the platform you connecting and click "Add channel"

Note: If you need to use RTMPS, the steps are the same, just use your RTMPS URL in place of a RTMP URL. 

If you need, you can use RTMP Authentication with your username and password, but normally this is not necessary.

3. Your custom RTMP will be added to the list of your current connected platforms.

Please keep in mind, that a Custom RTMP platform will not always be unable to receive status information. While most channels will show "Online/Offline" or "Connecting.." a Custom RTMP platform may show "Statuses for this platform are not supported" this isn't an error and can't be fixed, but it still should display proper statuses for most of the custom services. 

Tip: Make sure to check our Supported Services article.


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