Audio is not available in the stream

My stream is muted. My stream has no sound. How to fix sound issues on stream?

Updated over a week ago

In some cases your sound may not be available on stream. 

This is normally caused by broadcaster misconfiguration and is easily fixed on user-side. 

Let's see what we can do:

 1. You should first check your OS volume mixer to make sure that playback and capture devices you want to be listenable on stream are connected and work properly.

2. When you made sure that your audio devices are available, depending on your broadcaster go to settings and select proper devices there, or add them as sources to a scene.

3. If even after that you can not hear your sounds on stream, check your broadcaster's additional sound settings/mixer. If it supports multiple channel outputs, you may want to enable your audio devices for the channel you send over to stream.

 4. Try streaming to any other service rather than Restream, and make a local recording. If you will not be able to hear your sound in both cases, please contact our support service and tell them about all the troubleshooting steps you went through.

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