My encoder's stream has no audio

Identify and resolve any issues with audio missing from your encoder.

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Missing audio is usually caused by a misconfiguration and can be easily fixed. 

Check your audio sources

  1. Check your operating system's audio settings to ensure that everything is connected and working properly.

  2. Make sure the correct audio sources are selected and added to your encoder.

  3. Confirm that the audio sources are enabled and not muted.

    Many encoders, like OBS, have an animated audio meter that indicates whether any sound is being picked up and produced by your audio sources.

    Audio mixer in OBS

  4. If your encoder supports multiple channel outputs, make sure your audio devices are enabled for the tracks you're using for your stream.

Test a local recording

  1. Try streaming and recording locally with your equipment.

  2. If the local recording has no audio, it means your audio sources, like your microphone or mixer, are not set up correctly or are malfunctioning.

  3. If your stream has no audio but your local recording does, double-check the type of content you're streaming. Some platforms may mute your stream if they detect copyright issues, like broadcasting music you don't own.

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