Do you support LinkedIn chat while streaming with 

Short Answer: Yes, Restream Chat support LinkedIn, but only for reading chats, no reply option is yet available. 

Long Answer: Since LinkedIn is pretty new to the live-streaming there may be some cases which you should know prior to going live. To help you understand what to expect from the current LinkedIn chat integration. 

What you should know about Restream Chat LinkedIn integration. 

  • Make sure to have you LinkedIn profile publicly visible. 

Go to your account by clicking on "Me" and choose "Settings & Privacy"

There choose "Privacy" tab and "Edit your public profile"

Make sure that your "Profile's public visibility" is on by toggling the option.

That should help to avoid some problems with receiving chat replies.  

Possible issues:

  • We may not be able to display the author's name if the person commenting doesn't have a connection with your profile.

  • Replies which contain emojis (keyboard emojis) may be missed by Restream Chat. 

  • It may appear that you porfile does not have LinkedIn chat integration on LinkedIn side, in such case (if you are not receiving any chats at all in your Restream Chat) you may need to contact LinkedIn to make sure the chat is enabled for your account. 

We will keep you posted on all the latest Restream Chat updates, the integration will become better and more reliable overtime.

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