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Stream to both your LinkedIn profile and page
Stream to both your LinkedIn profile and page

Learn how to stream to two LinkedIn destinations at the same time.

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Streaming to multiple LinkedIn channels at the same time can be easily done with Pairs.

How to connect multiple LinkedIn channels with Pairs

  1. Under your primary Restream account, add your LinkedIn page or profile.

  2. Create a second Restream account and follow the same steps to connect an additional LinkedIn page or profile.

  3. Return to your primary account and follow the steps here to schedule a stream.

  4. Toggle on your LinkedIn page or profile for the event.

  5. Click the Invite Guests button on your event card and click Copy Link.

    Make sure "Allows guests to rebroadcast this event on their channels" is turned on.

  6. Return to your second Restream account and open the invite link.

  7. Click Add your channels.

  8. Toggle on your additional LinkedIn channel, then click Save.

  9. When you start streaming to your event, it will connect to both LinkedIn channels. You can learn more about pairing additional channels to an event here.


  • To use Pairs, the primary Restream account needs at least a Standard plan.

  • You can only pair the second LinkedIn channel before the scheduled event starts, not while it's live.

  • You can only pair your channel up to 7 days in advance of your event.


Will I receive comments from both LinkedIn channels?

Yes, chats from your secondary account will be marked as “Paired”.

Do I need to be logged into both accounts when the stream starts?

No, after pairing your secondary channel with your primary one, everything is ready. The stream will automatically start on the paired channel when you begin streaming to the primary channel.

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