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Create a LinkedIn Live Event with Restream
Create a LinkedIn Live Event with Restream

Schedule your LinkedIn lives through Restream Events.

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Restream Events is the easiest way to schedule upcoming live events on LinkedIn.

How to schedule a LinkedIn Live with Restream Events

  1. From your home screen, click Schedule Event.

  2. Choose how you want to stream: via our Studio, Encoder, Video File, or Playlist.

  3. Fill in your Event details like your title, description, date, and time.

    1. Check the box next to Create an event page on social platforms to notify your audience in advance with an event post on LinkedIn.

    2. Upload a thumbnail as a custom image to use for the event before you go live.

  4. Toggle on LinkedIn and all the other platforms you would like to stream to.

  5. If you want to enable automatic closed captions for your live event, click Edit next to LinkedIn and check Enable auto captions.

  6. Click Create Event.


  • LinkedIn has to approve your profile or company page for live streaming. Here are the key requirements:

    • Audience base: 150+ followers/connections to qualify for LinkedIn Live.

    • History: Good standing under Professional Community Policies.

    • Geography: Unavailable in mainland China.

    • Account age: Page or profile must be 30+ days old.

  • Restream Events are available for all plans, including the free tier.

  • Free users will have Restream branding on their event's thumbnail.

  • You can only go live to an event once; so don't click Go Live before the scheduled time. If you want to run tests, you can follow this guide.

  • The announcement post box can only be checked during event creation. If you forgot to check it, you can delete the current event and create a new one.

  • Each event is unique; enter Studio through the event card or update the event's specific stream key in your encoder. Otherwise, you'll create a new stream.

  • You can go live to your event from 15 minutes before to two hours after your scheduled start time. If you don’t go live within this time period, the post will show that your stream is canceled.

  • LinkedIn has a limit of 10 events per day.


Can I edit, rename, or reschedule my event after it has been created?

LinkedIn Events cannot be updated through Restream after they have been created. Any such edits need to happen on LinkedIn.

If you reschedule the event on LinkedIn, head to the Events page on Restream. You'll see a prompt to adjust the time of your entire event to match the LinkedIn time.

Does deleting the event on Restream delete the post on LinkedIn too?

For LinkedIn, the event needs to be manually deleted, as shown here.

Deleting finished events on Restream will not affect the streams and saved videos sent to end platforms.

Can I share a link to my event?

Yes! Click the channel icons under the created event, right-click "View on..." next to your LinkedIn channel and copy the URL.

Does LinkedIn have any limits for titles or descriptions?

The maximum title length is 75 characters and the maximum description length is 950 bytes, which is approximately 950 characters.

Why is the event's time on LinkedIn different from what I see on Restream?

On Restream, you select a date and time for a specific timezone, which will be displayed while you are creating the event. On LinkedIn, the scheduled time of your live event is displayed in your local time zone, which will depend on the timezone of your device and browser.

Can I remove captions or use them in a different language?

Captions can be removed on the LinkedIn platform but not added on the LinkedIn platform if not enabled upon creation.

Auto captions work for English audio content only. Currently, LinkedIn's captions do not detect or translate to other languages.

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